Q:  What do they need to bring and what time should they be there?

A:  Water bottle, gym clothes, basketball shoes.  We are extremely efficient with our workout time.  Players are asked to show up 10 minutes before camp starts to stretch and get loose.

Q:  What does a normal day look like?

A:  Each day builds on the day before.  A typical day involves: layups to get loose, one on one moves, ball handling, fundamental stations, defensive lecture/drills, shooting drills/free throws; team offensive lecture/drills and we end with games!  We pride ourselves on efficiency and get a ton done in 2 hours! We use every second to get better!

Q:  Is there a discount if I send two children?

A:  Yes- the second child would get a $30 discount ($95 for that week of camp)

Q: What is the player coach ratio?

A:  Our goal is no more than 10 to 1 (mostly fall in 8-1 range)

Q:  What can players do if no one can pick up when camp ends?

A:  We do not provide any child care services; we would recommend having them carpool home with another camper.  However, coaches, run workouts for high school students in the gym until 1:00. A camper could sit and watch but coaches are busy and not able to supervise.  

Q: Who are the coaches at camp?

A:  The camp director and head coach is Jason Wallis, who is the head varsity coach at Foothill High.   Other coaches are a collection of college athletes as well as high school coaches. All coaches have had experience playing or coaching at either the high school or collegiate level.

Q:  Can I register at the door the morning of camp?

A:  This is possible but not recommended as a lot of planning goes into teams/groupings before camp starts.  If you are registering at the door please come 15 to 20 minutes early that day.